The Top Industrial Hose Supplier In The Midwest

In the Midwest and beyond, customers know they can count on the quick turnaround, selection, and customer support offered by the team at King Valve and Hose. We are a leading industrial hose supplier for any industry including pharmaceutical manufacturing and the food and beverage industry.

We are also a leading supplier to automotive, petrochemical, pipeline, machine and equipment manufacturing, and power plants. King Valve and Hose also supplies general purpose air & water hoses, vent hose and ducting.

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Specialized Hoses

In any industry using hoses as part of their process, various hose types and materials are essential. To accommodate these special industries, we provide top quality selections of stainless steel braided hoses. Our braided hose for sale comes in a variety of sizes and lengths, ideal for any type of new application or replacement of an existing hose.

For corrosion resistance and flexibility, and for use in the sanitary processes industries, we also offer silicone hose products. This is a practical and cost-effective option, providing extended life cycles and enhanced durability.

Whether you are looking for metal braided hose or vent and duct hose, King Valve and Hose is your supplier. We provide the best brands to ensure full customer satisfaction and compliance with all industry regulations and requirements.

For more information about any of our hose products, fittings, valves, or other parts and components for processing or manufacturing, call our team at 314-645-5464. We are also available online, just drop us a note, and we will answer your questions.