A Top Selection Of Quick Connect Couplings

At King Valve and Hose, we maintain a top selection of quality quick connect couplings made by leading manufacturers. As a DK-Lok quick coupling supplier, we offer the DF series full flow quick connectors and the QB series quick connect lines.

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The Benefits of Quick Connectors

Quick connects or quick couplings are ideal for use when there is a need to change out lines. The choice of the quick connect design means the hoses and lines can be changed out without the need for tools. The connectors are designed to easily lock in place and also disengage.

While easy to use, the quick connectors are also developed to prevent the loss of fluid in the line. As the fluid is maintained in the line or hose, there is no need to bleed the system, worry about trapped gas, or complete a purge of the line before restarting the equipment or process.

King Valve and Hose offers the best selection in the midwest of quick connectors. This includes specialized instrument quick couplings and full-flow quick connect couplings. We also offer multiple options in pneumatic quick connect couplings that are used across many different industries, including automotive, machine and equipment manufacturing, and in many different OEM and general manufacturers.

If you are looking for the best selection in these types of couplings as replacement parts or in new system design and installation, King Valve and Hose is here. For assistance in selecting the right quick connect couplings for your application, contact our team online. We are also available to answer questions and assist with your order at 314-645-5464.